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Media, Controls, Freedoms

[MDCM3000 - Media Forms post]

Here are some places to go for weeks 8 and 9. Via these links, you can explore issues such as the future of journalism, new forms of media discussion and activism. There is also a small case study set of links concerning climate change.

Bold links are the most useful. Also, if you use Diigo or Delicious to tag sites you find, it’s useful if you also tag these sites as “mdcm3000″ and perhaps, for example, “digitaljournalism” or “climatechange”.

More specific links below, but, broadly speaking, it’s worth glancing through my links on these and related topics at:

Current and Future State of Journalism

This concerns more than journalism—in fact communications in general—but it’s relevant to journalism. Mark Pesce on new forms of power and communications (very succinct and powerful summary of the issues).

And here’s a very recent—and informative—discussion of the present and future of journalism in the New York Times. (registration, for free, might be required)


Swine Flu, Hype and Media


SourceWatch (lists the often hidden affiliations of various “experts” and institutions such as think tanks)

Documentary reflecting on series 5 of The Wire (warning: Spoilers! - go the The Wire - The Last Word)

New Kinds of News Sites


Open Democracy

and this on “daylife” kind of sites

The Daily Beast

Huffington Post

Global Internet Activism

Seed Magazine Videos on Design



Journalism, Recession and Climate Change

Virgance (”Activism 2.0″)

Climate Change/Global Warming

The Road to Copenhagen (Nature magazine on the current situation - a good primer)

Global Warming 101 (video below)

Propaganda and Skepticism Towards Climate Science

The Case of Ian Plimer’s recent book Heaven and Earth.

Brave New Climate

Jennifer Marohasy

The Science is Missing

Review of Ian Plimer’s earlier book

Deltoid on the graph that came from ..

“The Australian’s War on Science 35″

“The Australian’s War on Science 36″

The supposedly “silenced” Ian Plimer

Ian Plimer on ABC’s Lateline

The Australian’s initial Framing and Coverage of this Event (please note that none of the below is written by climate scientists),,25348271-11949,00.html,,25395523-16741,00.html,,25348908-16382,00.html,,25329958-20261,00.html,,25395364-17803,00.html

and, to be fair, here is a counter to Plimer’s arguments in the Australian,25197,25433327-25192,00.html

and once again in The Australian, long after the initial fuss, this devastating review,,25433059-5003900,00.html

and for some commenting/reporting on what’s currently happening in terms of policy in Australia–its-just-hot-air-20090508-axx8.html?page=-1

more …

The Age - The Skeptic’s Shadow of a Doubt

Why Isn’t the Brain Green?

Taking a Stand for Science

Anti-green Economics

The Global Warming Debate—A Layman’s Guide

Arguments from Global Warming Skeptics

What does it all mean?

Climate Disaster

Some Blogs



Real Climate

International Journal of Inactivism

Science News

Science Daily

Nature on Climate Change


and Climate Science related journals … for those who want to go to the source(s)

Alternative Economics


and finally, an interesting recent scandal concerning academic/science/medical publishing

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